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Happy Tentacles OTP

Everyone Loves Tentacles!

Happy Tentacles One True Pair
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Everyone loves tentacles. EVERYONE! Here is where you prove it. Post your fic, icons, rants, raves, ideas, suggestions, or manifestos about tentacles and who belongs to them.


1.) Be nice. If you can't be nice, be civil. If you can't be civil, be entertaining.
2.) There are plenty of tentacles to go around, so go nuts. Tentacles can be paired with ANYONE!
3.) This community is for tentacle fandom. You can talk about anything, as long as tentacles, tentacle monsters, giant squid, regular squid, octopuses, or the act of being molested by a tentacle is duly represented
4.) If you're gonna post something naughty, do it behind a cut tag.
5.) Personal flame wars will not be tolerated unless they are hilarious.
6.) There is no rule 6.

Rules and community posting standards are subject to change without notice on the whim of the moderators. Except for the tentacle part.