100 Percent Pure Flakes of Squid (squidflakes) wrote in tentacle_otp,
100 Percent Pure Flakes of Squid

Making the opera!

I present to you.. a song from Tentacle Monster of the Opera..

The Tentacles of the Night

School girl squeals and
Tightens every muscle
Tentacoos wape and
Enjoy every struggle
Suddenly she’s moaning
With squelching and some groaning
Helpless to resist, try as she might
Welcoming the tentacles of the night.

Slowly, gently
Feelers wrap around her
Grab them, taste them
Knobby, pink, and tender
Don’t turn your face away
Its time for semen play
Bukkake on your skin it feels so right
Oozing from the tentacles of the night

Close your eyes
And whimper with repressed desire
Spread your legs and let tentacles explore
Shut your mouth, and let your body sing
And you’ll cum like you’ve never cum before

Softly, deftly
Pinching clit and nipple
Feel them, squeeze them
As they writhe and ripple
Open up your ass
Give the tentacles a pass
Your body shivers with anal delight
Spasming with the tentacles of the night

Let your fingers start a journey to a wet new world
You’re dripping like you never have before
Grind until you’re where you long to be
Only then can you cum with me

Floating, Falling
Wape and masturbation
Touch me, touch you
Monster molestation
You’re gladly giving in
To this fantasy I spin
Its kinky when you add a little fright
Because you love the tentacles of the night

You alone can make this hentai right
Use plenty of the tentacles of the night
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