now user "urbanfictions" (_r_e_q_u_i_e_m_) wrote in tentacle_otp,
now user "urbanfictions"

hallo! my name is requiem and i draw SQUID.

did you just call me a raisin?

blue wants attention nooooooooooooow

pinky has a black eye

speed demon!!!

green octo says BOO!

i'll listen to you, too, you know

gaggle #1

did you just call me a raisin?

MANY more are available; see WAY more on my journal
5$ each + stampin' & packagin' costs
first come first serve-- but i can make similar ones if youre desperate for one thats already been claimed.
choose the ones you want, i'll make a package for you over at w/ your name and theyre all yours :D

thanks for looking!
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